I am from India, born in New Delhi, and living in the US for more than 20years now. I am a physician, a hematologist-medical oncologist and an amateur photographer. I moved to West Lafayette, IN from San Francisco Bay Area in August 2018.
I love to fight cancer with a passion; I love to use the word 'cure', and though I have more opportunities today than ever before, it is not as much as I would like. There always has to be more. In some of these moments which may be a little depressing, it is Photography that comes to my rescue. It rejuvenates me, shows me a better world, makes me happier, a better oncologist and a better person.

I love to travel , read, photo, live ...,more pics of travel

My favorites in reading are Jorge Luis Borges, John Berger, Jonathan Lethem, Ian MacEwan, Haruki Murakami..graphic novelists or 'comic' writers - Daniel Clowes, Chris Ware, Craig Thompson, Art Speigelman...Some of my books

I am currently reading 'the Land of Big numbers' - by Te-Ping Chen. I usually read on a kindle. The best books I have read in 2021 so far are - 'Hamnet' ; 'The Buried Giant', 'Hail Mary Project' . 

My favorite subject to photograph these day is my child. 
My Shooting equipment is primarily a Nikon D5 . I lost my favorite D4 camera in the SFO airport while on a vacation to the Canadian Rockies in June 2016.  I  hope somebody is using my lost D4 and it's not lying unused in some shady corner, it loves to take lots of pictures.  other Nikon stuff

I have been a 'Kiva Lender'since April 2009.

everything I do helps me fly a little 

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